Overview of Service

Your steering and suspension systems are two of your most critical systems, for quite obvious reasons.  In addition to being able to navigate your car, a well-functioning steering and suspension system leads to better road handling, smoother rides, and ultimately better longevity from your tires. You should be sure to have your steering and suspension systems inspected annually, with your routine maintenance schedules, or more frequently if you're driving in conditions with bumpy roads or potholes.

If your vehicle seems shaky, or you feel bumps more than you did previously, be sure to bring your vehicle in to get inspected. Our expert technicians will diagnose and fix any problems right away. Failure to attend to these problems could result in serious safety or driveability issues in the future.

Have you notices your tires shake, your car drifts, steering wheel slipping, or your vehicle bouncing after going over bumps?  Then you likely need to have your steering and suspension systems looked at.

In addition to examining all of the steering and suspension components, our mechanics will check for uneven tire wear, wheel alignment issues, power steering fluid levels, steering wheel alignment, tire balance, struts, and the general tightness of bolts, nuts and your power steering belts.

Do you need service?

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