Overview of Service

In Massachusetts, proper vehicle maintenance is a big part of the state inspection schedule.  In addition to ensuring your vehicle is safe to drive, the state inspection runs through common safety and performance checks to identify any potential issues that your vehicle may face. Not only are we able to provide you a state inspection for your vehicle, but we're also able to address any issues that may cause your vehicle to fail the test.

We stay up-t0-date on all of the latest state inspection guidelines and can easily describe our inspection methods that we are required to follow to make sure that your vehicle complies with all state and local regulations. We're happy to provide you a full inspection report and discuss any issues that may have been identified.

If you fail this test, you may be entitled to a re-test after addressing any issues on your vehicle. If your state inspection sticker is nearing expiration, don't hesitate to call us today to schedule an appointment!

Do you need service?

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