Overview of Cooling System & Radiator Repair Service

Your vehicle is a complex mechanical system with a lot of moving parts that can create friction and generate heat. With the right cooling systems in place, your vehicle is able to handle that heat and maintain a proper performance.  However, when your cooling system & radiator malfunction, things can get bad pretty quickly.  If your car overheats, it becomes undriveable and a safety hazard.

Ensuring that your thermostat, housing, thermo-time switch, water pump, cooling fans, radiators, hoses and overall cooling system is operating properly is something we're here to help with. Additionally, when we service your cooling system, and perform a radiator flush, we will inspect your fluid levels, any corrosion or oxidation signs of leaks or fractures, or any fluid deposits.

Naturally, with age, your cooling system and fluids will need flushing. Coolants and antifreeze should be flushed every 30,000 and 50,000 miles. We'll also inspect your fluid levels with each oil change. Failing to maintain your cooling system could result in a total failure of your engine.

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